USA's twin Curlers aim to bag gold for Dad


They are mirror images of each other. They look even more similar as they work together to score the winning point against Korea in the Curling Mixed Team Round Robin Event at the Innsbruck 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games.

Sarah Anderson (USA) and Taylor Anderson(USA) form a calm and composed picture as they sit down for the interview.

The twins, along with Korey Dropkin and Tom Howell, form team USA for the event.

The Curling Mixed Team Event is a new format of the sport, making its debut at the Youth Olympic Games, and the twins are excited to be a part of it.

Two boys and two girls from the same nation will make up the four-person teams and Taylor Andersoninsists it brings a new dimension to the sport she loves.

“I like the Mixed Team event because the boys can throw much more weight than we can and then we can try different types of shots. It just changes the type of game we play but it adds a nice new angle to it,” Taylor Anderson said.

Given the Anderson family history, it is no surprise the twins became curlers.

“All three of our sisters curl, my dad used to curl, my grandpa curled and I guess my great grandpa used to curl as well,” Sarah Anderson said.

“We were really very small when we used to see our sisters curl but we started playing around when we were four,” Taylor Anderson added.

The girls just wish the sport was a bit more popular in the USA.

“Pretty much no one knows about the sport back home. Everyone says ‘What is curling?’. But we have introduced the sport to our friends; they have tried it for a few years. They are slowly getting the hang of it,” Sarah Anderson said.

So what is their big dream?

“We want to win the Gold for our dad. He is our coach back home. I like my dad coaching us. He has coached all the sisters and he is a pro at coaching girls since he has five daughters. Sure, there are tough times but overall, he is an awesome coach,” Sarah Anderson added.

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Report by YIS IOC Young Reporter, Sonali Prasad